CURT Submersible Combination Trailer Light #53452

UPC: 612314131440

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  • Designed to replace rear, passenger side trailer light
  • Watertight design allows for full water immersion
  • Provides a great replacement light for boat trailers
  • Functions as a tail light, brake light and turn signal
  • Features a standard-color red lens
  • Bolt-on mounting system for secure installation on the trailer
  • Legal for trailers over 80" wide
  • Exceeds DOT requirements for reflectors, markers and clearance
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UPC 612314131440
Mount Type Description Blank
Side Application Type Description Blank
Warranty One Year Limited
Finish Blank
Shipping Weight 0.500

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Trailer lights can be fragile, but they are completely necessary for towing. Whether you're a contractor on your way to the jobsite or just a casual fisherman heading to the boat landing, you need working trailer lights to tow safely and legally. For any towing setup, CURT offers quality, DOT-approved trailer lighting, including complete wiring kits, combination lights and replacement lighting components.

This CURT submersible combination light is designed to be a passenger-side trailer light. Its molded housing and molded lenses feature a watertight construction to offer maximum protection of the internal components, even when submersed under water. This makes the submersible taillight the ideal light for boat trailers, personal watercraft trailers and other marine trailers. It is legal for trailer 80" wide and larger and securely mounts with the included hardware. It does not have a separate light for license plate illumination.


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Waterproof Lights a must have!

Who knew some trailer lights weren't all equal? I recently rewired my old 14' boat trailer and wanted to make sure I had waterproof taillights to match the new install kit. These submersible lights (Passenger-side light #53452 & driver-side light #53453) spliced in really easy, and by golly they are bright and I no longer have to worry about whether or not my light bulbs are working. You can prevent a lot of burned out bulbs just by making sure your taillights are waterproof! Thank you CURT! You guys should package the driver and passenger submersible lights together!


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