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  • Designed to replace rear trailer lights on most trailers
  • Functions as a taillight, brake light, turn signal and license plate illuminator
  • Two extra connections provide hookups for other lights
  • Features a molded housing with standard red lenses
  • Phosphor-bronze contacts for good connection in extreme conditions
  • Bolt-on mounting system for secure installation on the trailer
  • Exceeds DOT requirements for reflectors and markers
  • Made in USA
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UPC 612314131433
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Warranty One Year Limited
Product Combination Trailer Light

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Trailer lights can be fragile, but they are completely necessary for towing. Whether you''re a contractor on your way to the jobsite or just a casual fisherman heading to the boat landing, you need working trailer lights to tow safely and legally. For any towing setup, CURT offers quality, DOT-approved trailer lighting, including complete wiring kits, combination lights and replacement lighting components.

This CURT combination light is designed to be a driver-side trailer light. It features a molded housing and molded lenses to protect the internal components from the elements, and it uses phosphor-bronze contacts to maintain a solid electrical connection to your vehicle. This taillight comes with red lenses and two extra connection points to provide hookups for other lighting fixtures. It easily and securely mounts with the included hardware and features an additional light for license plate illumination.


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