CURT Weld-On Sway Tab #45822

UPC: 612314458226

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MSRP $11.75

  • Welds onto a ball mount or trailer hitch for sway control
  • Sway control unit helps limit lateral trailer movement
  • Made in USA
Shipping Weight 1.700
Part Type Weld-On Sway Tab
Warranty One Year Limited
UPC 612314458226

Additional Information

A sway control unit is an inexpensive solution to the problem of a wandering trailer. CURT sway control units are designed to attach to your vehicle and trailer at the coupling point and counteract any lateral movement in your trailer, keeping your tow load straighter on the road and giving you more control over your vehicle.

For mounting the CURT sway control unit #17200, this sway control tab provides a secure solution and an alternative when a weight distribution hitch is not needed. It is designed to be welded onto a ball mount or other insert and provide a mounting platform for the CURT sway control ball #40093.


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