CURT Switch Ball Trailer Ball Set #42225

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  • Fits 1 7/8", 2" or 2 5/16" couplers
  • Exclusive ''J'' groove design ensures a secure system
  • No tools, coins or pins required for trailer ball installation
  • Shank bears the weight, freeing the coupler from friction and binding
  • Constructed from high-strength steel
  • Protected by a premium grade, nickel chrome-plated finish
  • Zinc-plated hex nut and helical lock washer for secure mounting
  • Independently tested in accordance with SAE J684 for safety and proven safe
  • U.S. patent# 5,169,168; Canadian patent# 1,325,445
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Shipping Weight 5.000
Part Type Switch Ball Sets
Warranty One Year Limited
Ball 1 Diameter and Capacity 1 7/8 IN - 3,500 LB
Ball 2 Diameter and Capacity 2 IN - 6,000 LB
Ball 3 Diameter and Capacity 2 5/16 IN - 8,000 LB
Shank Length 2 1/4 IN
Shank Diameter 1
Neck Diameter 1 1/8 IN
Rise 3/4 IN
Finish Chrome
UPC 612314820252

Additional Information

CURT Switch Ball trailer balls are a breakthrough in trailer ball technology. As a result of CURT innovation and engineering genius, Switch Balls offer the ultimate in convenience and reliability for a variety of light-duty and medium-duty towing applications. Essentially, a CURT Switch Ball is a trailer ball shank with a removable head. With its exclusive J-groove design, the Switch Ball trailer ball allows different heads or ball sizes to be places on the shank for accommodating different coupler sizes. This means there is no need to switch between ball mounts or even to own a second ball mount to fit an additional trailer. When you need to make the switch, simply twist the Switch Ball head, lift it off and twist on another. The J-groove ensures a solid hold on your trailer, while still allowing for easy removal of the trailer ball without tools or pins.

This CURT Switch Ball trailer ball set comes with two ball attachments. Ball 1 features a ball diameter of 1 7/8" and ball capacity of 3,500 lbs. Ball 2 has a 2" ball diameter and a ball capacity of 6,000 lbs. Ball 3 has a 2 5/16" diameter and a ball capacity of 8,000 lbs. The shank measures 2 1/4" long and 1" in diameter. We construct these interchangeable hitch balls from premium-grade steel for strength and give them a bright nickel-chrome finish for a long life. To ensure your safety and provide you with a tow ball you can depend on, CURT Switch Balls are independently tested in accordance with SAE J684.


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Switch ball set

Had the switch ball for about 3 weeks and used the 2 5/16" ball on several occasions. I used the 2" ball to tow my 19' ski boat to the lake and then was not able to remove the ball from the shaft. I was finally able to get the ball turned and then could knock it off the shaft with a hammer. The 2" ball will not go back on the shaft but I can still use the 2 5/16" ball. I would not recommend this product, I am not the only one to have this problem.

Switch ball stuck on shank

I have owned and used the curt switch ball set for about 2 years. It has been a very good product till about a month ago. Let me say that about 95% of the time I use the 2 inch ball. Occasionally I use the 2 5/16 ball. I don't think I have ever used the smaller ball. When not in use, I keep the balls in my toolbox out of the weather. I keep the shank covered with a rubber curt shank cover. I live in South Carolina so it may get hot but not extremely cold. About a month ago I put the 2 inch ball on the shank and pulled my trailer as I have done dozens of time before. At the end of the day I attempted to remove the ball. It was not easy to do but after generous amounts of grease and lots of muscle it came off. It was late in the day and I kinda forgot about it. About a week ago I needed my trailer again. Remembering my issues, I inspected the shank and ball. All seemed OK. I put a fresh coating of wd40 on the shank and installed the ball. Life was good until it was time to remove it. I did everything I could think of. I used grease, leverage, and brute force. No results. Finally I used a screw driver in the little hole on the side of the ball and beat it with a hammer till the ball turned. When lined up with the groove I used the hammer to force the ball off the shank. Again I inspected the ball, shank, and grooves. Nothing looked out of place. I decided I would see if either of the other two balls would slide on the shank. Neither of them seemed willing and I was not about to force them. I am very disappointed at the point. This whole idea of switching the balls when needed seems like an elegant solution to a common issue. At this point, I either have to purchase a whole new set and see how long it might last this time or go back to the "old" way of just switching out the whole hitch. If anyone else has had this issue and found a solution, I would love to hear about it.


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