CURT Skid Shield #31007

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  • The CURT Skid Shield is made for front mount trailer hitches. This will protect front mount trailer hitches from low-lying obstacles or ground contact and provides an extra bumper point. Use the Skid Shield for a clean look on your front mount hitch when it's not in use. The Skid Shield is finished with a durable powder coat to resist rusting.
UPC 612314310074
Weight 5
Finish Gloss Black

Additional Information

CURT front mount accessories are a unique line of towing accessories that maximize the usefulness of your tow vehicle and give you that added edge on and especially off the road. A CURT front mount trailer hitch is the first step in making your vehicle the ultimate towing machine, and with it comes a variety of towing possibilities you might not even know exist. The CURT skid shield is designed to mount onto your front-mounted trailer hitch and protect the receiver and the underside of your vehicle against rock and obstacle damage. The skid shield is especially useful for off-roading to protect the engine and other systems located near the front end of your vehicle. It is made from solid steel and is coated in a durable gloss black powder coat finish to resist rust and scratches.


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