CURT Anti-Rattle Kit w/ Lock #23590

Receiver Tube Size: 2 UPC: 612314590018

  • Use with hollow-shank bike racks, ball mounts, or other accessories to help stop rattles and prevent swaying of load
  • Water-tight dust cap prevents corrosion
  • Easy-to-operate 1/4 turn lock activation
  • Two keys included


  • 5/8 IN diameter lock with M16-2.0 threads
Shipping Weight 1.300
Part Type *
UPC 612314590018
Receiver Tube Size 2
Pin Diameter .625
Finish Stainless

Additional Information

Stop a rattling ball mount, cargo carrier, bike rack or other hitch-mounted accessory in its tracks with an anti-rattle kit from CURT. When towing, there is nothing more annoying than a ball mount shank that rattles in its receiver tube as you drive down the road. This rattling sound comes from a small amount of space between the receiver tube and an ill-fitting shank. If this gap is bad enough, it can even lead to sway in the load.

A CURT anti-rattle kit eliminates the problem of an ill-fitting ball mount shank by securing it with a metal bracket and threaded bolt. The anti-rattle bracket inserts into the ball mount shank and accepts the threaded bolt. Once tightened, the bolt and bracket assembly firmly hold the ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory in place and ensure rattling and swaying are no longer a problem. This CURT anti-rattle lock kit is made from solid steel to be strong enough to resist rattling noises even with large trailers. Instead of using a simple bolt, this special anti-rattle system includes a barbell hitch lock with a threaded pin, increasing the security of your trailer and towing equipment. It comes with a 5/8" pin to fit a 2" receiver tube and has a stainless finish to protect against corrosion. Anti-rattle kits are only compatible with hollow shanks.

For the quietest trailer hitch possible, CURT has the secret. Our anti-rattle kits make your towing experience more enjoyable no matter what you are hauling. For any trip -- whether it is up to the lake for the day or from coast to coast -- use CURT accessories to make it unbeatable.


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CURT anti-rattle kit with lock, #23590

Overall, I really like this product. It works very well, as long as it stays screwed in tight. Pros: *well built anti-rattle/ anti-wobble design *high quality pin and locking mechanism Cons: *lower quality wrench (included) rounds out and won't tighten the anti-rattle pin adequately [a wrench or a socket of your own will do the job though]. *not as quick to install and uninstall as other hitch pins (but it makes up for this with its effectiveness). Tips: *I had to use a Crescent wrench to tighten the pin because the included wrench rounds out its teeth very easily, making effective tightening unlikely. *It helps to wobble the hitch as the pin is tightened to help take out any slack