CURT Adjustable Coupler Lock #23547

UPC: 612314005475

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  • Designed to lock latch-type couplers with an adjustable span
  • Easy-to-operate, 1/4-turn lock activation
  • Constructed from high-strength steel for reliable security
  • Right-angle barbell lock style for increased security and easier operation
  • Protected by a durable chrome-plated finish
  • Includes two keys for added convenience
Mount Type Description Blank
Shipping Weight 0.650
Side Application Type Description Blank
UPC 612314005475
Part Type *
Span Adjustable
Finish Blank

Additional Information

Sometimes a safety pin and coupler latch are just not enough to keep your toys safe. While CURT safety pins and coupler latches are made to keep your coupler securely latched onto your trailer ball, they are no substitute for the locking power provided by a CURT coupler lock.

CURT coupler locks are designed to add security to your trailer and towing equipment. Instead of merely retaining the coupler latch mechanism, they lock it into place and greatly deter any tampering and theft of your trailer while it is coupled to your vehicle. CURT coupler locks are key-operated and come in several different styles for you to choose from.

This coupler lock features a barbell design to keep the pin well protected from tampering. It comes with a chrome finish and an adjustable pin span to fit a variety of coupler sizes. All CURT coupler locks are made to fit latch-type couplers and include two keys. Protect your boat, your camper and even your utility trailer the right way with a CURT coupler lock.


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