CURT Bearing Protector Dust Covers #23198

UPC: 612314231980

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  • Prevents dust and debris from entering the bearing protector
  • Bearing protector maintains pressure and keeps bearing greased


  • Includes two dust covers
Part Type *
Side Application Type Description Blank
Shipping Weight 0.900
Warranty One Year Limited
Finish Blank
Mount Type Description Blank
Hub Diameter 1.98
UPC 612314231980

Additional Information

Keeping the wheels of your trailer well lubricated is an important part of towing responsibly. It may not be on the forefront of your mind, but a trailer's wheels need to be cared for just like the wheels of your vehicle. CURT offers an easy way to give your trailer wheels proper care to help maximize the life and performance of your trailer.

Acting like a cap for your wheel bearings, CURT bearing protectors offer essential benefits for your trailer, lubricating and keeping out dirt, road grime and moisture. A bad wheel bearing can start out as a mere annoyance, but before long, it can turn into a huge problem.

With CURT wheel bearing protectors, you can ensure that your wheels keep turning, quiet as a mouse. These plastic bearing protector covers fit over the end of the protector for even more defense against the elements. Choose a set of CURT bearing protectors for your trailer wheels and get the most out of your towing. This set of bearing protector covers features a 1.98" hub diameter.


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