CURT Trailer Coupler Lock #23081

UPC: 612314230815

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MSRP $49.69

  • Prevents trailer ball from being inserted into the coupler
  • Fits 2" and 2 5/16" flat and rolled lip couplers
  • Features a strong aluminum body for reliable security
  • Protected by a grey powder coat finish
  • Includes two keys for added convenience
Warranty One Year Limited
Shipping Weight 1.400
Part Type Trailer Coupler Lock
Material Aluminum
Finish Grey powder coat
UPC 612314230815

Additional Information

Sometimes a safety pin and coupler latch are just not enough to keep your toys safe. While CURT safety pins and coupler latches are made to keep your coupler securely latched onto your trailer ball, they are no substitute for the locking power provided by a CURT coupler lock.

CURT coupler locks are designed to add security to your trailer and towing equipment. Instead of merely retaining the coupler latch mechanism, this special coupler lock is actually designed to protect your trailer from theft when it is not hitched up to your vehicle. It features a strong aluminum body that fits over a 2" or 2 5/16" flat or rolled-lip coupler and prevents a trailer ball from being inserted.

This CURT coupler lock is key-operated and comes with a grey powder coat finish. All CURT coupler locks include two keys in every package. Protect your boat, your camper and even your utility trailer the right way with a CURT coupler lock.


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Curt #23081 Coupler Lock

I have a home-built trailer with a cast iron coupler that looks very old, but very sturdy! Bought a Reese â„¢ coupler lock with the little ball & big u-bolt type bar that goes over the top of the coupler. Well, with the non-standard coupler I have it could actually be rotated forward & slipped right off, so if someone with bad intentions came around the only deterrence was visual - touch it & it would fall right off! Thankfully, a friend borrowed the trailer for a month & somehow lost it. I promptly went online looking for another type of lock that actually works. Saw this product & really liked the design concept & they sold them at Advance Auto. Got one right away & couldn't be happier, it fits on nice & snug, no room to get a pry bar in there. If a thief is determined he's probably going to get it off eventually, but he might break a sweat & will surely make a lot of noise in the process. Very pleased with this product & have already recommended it to a couple of friends!!