CURT Anti-Rattle Kit #22315

Receiver Tube Size: 1.25 UPC: 612314003150

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MSRP $13.74

  • Stops rattling and prevents swaying of load when using a hollow shank
  • Compatible with CURT cargo carriers and other hollow-shank accessories
  • Threaded pin allows bracket to be tightly installed
  • Protected by a durable yellow zinc-plated finish
Shipping Weight 0.300
Warranty One Year Limited
Part Type Anti-Rattle Kit
Receiver Tube Size 1.25
Finish Yellow zinc
UPC 612314003150

Additional Information

Stop a rattling ball mount, cargo carrier, bike rack or other hitch-mounted accessory in its tracks with an anti-rattle kit from CURT. When towing, there is nothing more annoying than a ball mount shank that rattles in its receiver tube as you drive down the road. This rattling sound comes from a small amount of space between the receiver tube and an ill-fitting shank. If this gap is bad enough, it can even lead to sway in the load.

A CURT anti-rattle kit eliminates the problem of an ill-fitting ball mount shank by securing it with a metal bracket and threaded bolt. The anti-rattle bracket inserts into the ball mount shank and accepts the threaded bolt. Once tightened, the bolt and bracket assembly firmly hold the ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory in place and ensure rattling and swaying are no longer a problem. CURT anti-rattle kits are made from solid steel to be strong enough to resist rattling noises even with large trailers, and they feature a yellow zinc finish to protect against corrosion. This CURT anti-rattle kit is designed to fit a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" shank. Anti-rattle kits are only compatible with hollow shanks.

For the quietest trailer hitch possible, CURT has the secret. Our anti-rattle kits make your towing experience more enjoyable no matter what you are hauling. For any trip -- whether it is up to the lake for the day or from coast to coast -- use CURT accessories to make it unbeatable.


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Threads strip on first use

Product works as intended. It takes out the rattle. But don't plan on taking it on and off as the threads stripped on first use for me, despite using lube and locktite. It also survived towing my trailer. 3 stars. -2 stars for stripped threads. -1 for stripped threads on first use +1 for surviving trailer towing/non standard use and rotten roads, +1 for preforming as designed in removing rattle +1 being pretty and fitting existing hitch pin. Thoughts for improvement. Use an actual grade 8 fastener instead of one that is made to look like one. I did not use power tools and am a short petite woman, and I managed to strip the bolt. I think that is telling on how soft the metal is. Please heat treat the fastener, so product is more then one time use. Thank you.