CURT Tray-Style Bike Rack Cradles for Fat Tires #18091

UPC: 612314180912

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MSRP $48.90

  • 4 7/8" inside width accepts most types of fat bike tires
  • Add-on cradles are designed to replace existing cradles
  • Adjustable cradles accommodate various bike sizes and styles
  • Tray-style design allows for easy loading and unloading of bikes
  • Compatible with all CURT tray-style bike racks
  • Durable black powder coat finish


  • Includes two cradles for holding one bike
UPC 612314180912
Part Type Tray-Style Bike Rack Arms for Fat Tires
Warranty One Year Limited
Product Weight 0.000
Shipping Weight 7.250
Material Steel
Finish Durable black powder coat

Additional Information

The CURT hitch-mounted tray-style bike rack promotes your biking experience unlike any other because of its unique, three-point support system. It is made to be easier to use and keep bikes more secure, holding them at three points of contact.

Instead of hanging the bike by its crossbar, the loop-like tray-style cradles hold the bike''s wheels, keeping it secure on each end. The third point is an adjustable padded arm that slides up and down and tightens over the crossbar, keeping the entire bike firmly held in place. Both the tray-style cradles and the vertical padded arm are highly adjustable and can fit virtually any size bike, from a giant adult mountain bike to a single-gear kids'' bike.

For fat tire bikes, these add-on tray-style cradles are designed to replace the existing cradles on the tray-style bike rack, allowing for tires up to 4 7/8" wide. The fat tire cradles are fully adjustable to fit most bike sizes, and they are covered in a durable black powder coat finish. Two fat tire cradles are included in this package, and they are compatible with all CURT tray-style bike racks.


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fat tire rack

This fits my fat tire bike very good. They are 4-3/4" wide by 17" long (inside dimensions)