CURT Tray-Style Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack #18086

Receiver Tube Size: 2 UPC: 612314180868

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MSRP $417.24

  • Tray-style cradles provide three points of contact to keep bikes fully secure
  • Highly adjustable cradles easily accommodate various bike sizes and styles
  • Padded arms protect the bike frames from nicks and scratches
  • Tray-style design allows for easy loading and unloading of bikes
  • Threaded anti-wobble shank prevents bikes from swaying during travel
  • Securely holds up to four bikes with a max capacity of 180 lbs.
  • Tilts away for convenient rear vehicle access
  • Sides fold up when not in use for compact storage
  • Protected by a durable black powder coat finish
  • Compatible with locking knobs #18090 for added security (not included)


  • Do not install on a trailer or other towed vehicle
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Side Application Type Description Blank
Warranty One Year Limited
Part Type Tray-Style Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack
Mount Type Description Blank
Shipping Weight 86.000
UPC 612314180868
Number of Bikes 4
Max Load 180 LB
Receiver Tube Size 2
Tilt Yes
Color Black

Additional Information

Your bicycle is more than just a frame, tires, handlebars and pedals. You live for what might be around that next turn, that burn in your legs as you climb a rocky trail and that freefall feeling you get as you descend a long hill. Your bike is not just a hobby; it is a gateway to the outdoors and your faithful companion in the wild. It was with this idea in mind that the CURT tray-style bike rack was built. From the BMX track to the paved trail and everything in between, bicycling is all about the ride.

The CURT hitch-mounted tray-style bike rack promotes your biking experience unlike any other because of its unique, three-point support system. It is made to be easier to use and keep bikes more secure, holding them at three points of contact. Instead of hanging the bike by its crossbar, the loop-like tray-style cradles hole the bike's wheels, keeping it secure on each end. The third point is an adjustable padded arm that slides up and down and tightens over the crossbar, keeping the entire bike firmly held in place. Both the tray-style cradles and the vertical padded arm are highly adjustable and can fit virtually any size bike, from a giant adult mountain bike to a single-gear kids' bike.

CURT tray-style bike racks are not your average ten-speed. In fact, they are packed with features to truly make it all about the ride. They feature a hitch-mounted design to work with your vehicle's trailer hitch, and they come with a tilt-away feature to allow the entire rack to tilt away from the vehicle. This makes it easy to open a hatchback door or trunk and access the rear cargo area. Tray-style bike racks also feature a foldable, adjustable frame and an anti-wobble shank.

Whether the road ahead is the winding course of your own personal Tour de France or the twists and turns of the forest trail, the CURT tray-style bike rack is coated in a durable powder coat finish to prevent rust and ensure a long life. This model fits 2" receiver tubes and holds 2 or 4 bikes with the extension.


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Great Rack for various size frames and wheel sizes

Traveling any about of distance with your bicycle secured to a hitch or trunk rack, you want to focus on driving while knowing your bicycle(s) is/are secure. I’ve owned both trunk and hitch mounted racks before, but before my family’s road trip this summer I purchased a CURT tray-style hitch-mounted bike rack #18086 which would hold all four of our bikes. The receiver tube is two inches. I have had issues with hitch racks and their swaying motion at times. The last thing I wanted was for anyone’s bike to fall off. Each one of us in my family has not only a different size bike frame but tire size also. With the different frames sizes, using a hanging style rack, where the top tube rests on the rack, would not be an option due to the different size frames. My mountain bike weighs 33.5 pounds and has 29 inch tires. My wife's bike weighs 34 pounds and has 26 inch tires. My son’s bike weighs 33 pounds and has 27 inch tires. My daughters bike weighs 31 pounds and has 20 inch tires. The CURT hitch-mounted rack #18086 can hold up to 180 pounds. The rack itself is pretty heavy, especially with the added two bike extension also bolted to the original rack. With all of my family’s bikes weighing 131.5 pounds, the max load is still under the racks limit. How would they ride while attached to the rack? After taking off on our road trip, I loaded the bikes on the rack from tallest (mine) to shortest. Adjusting the wheel trays depending upon the bikes wheel base. The rack is elevated a little bit, so for myself loading/unloading the bikes is not a problem. As for my son, it takes a little extra to life the bike up onto the rack. I like the elevation of the rack, so I don’t need to be concerned with it rubbing on a driveway curb or speed bump when going over them. The rack folds a few different ways when keeping it still bolted to the vehicle. This is great when parking in a garage or shorter parking space. The rack stayed on the car the entire trip as it was unnecessary to detach it from the car. We traveled on a few dirt roads and the bike rack was still very stable. This weekend will be the first time I will try using it with my road bike. The wheel trays are pretty wide, so accommodating the wide mountain bike tires was easy. After the 1665.9 miles, all with the rack in place, I would highly recommend this rack to anyone wanting or needing to transport up to four bikes of various sizes.

inaccurate website

Bought this at Canadian Hitches and was delivered in 3 days which was impressive. My problem is with the inaccurate picture of the actual rack from the one I saw in their website, in particular, the clamp post orientation when folded down. It folds down to the side in the Canadian Hitches website but the one I received folds down to the back, like the one in here and it protrudes like an antenna, blocking my rearview mirror. Also, wanted to buy an anti-rattle hitch pin with a lock and cable and wonder what's the actual size of the hitch bolt. Other than that, great job on the finish and overall quality!


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