CURT OEM Puck System 5th Wheel Roller Adapter for Ram #16022

UPC: 612314160228

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  • Adapts any CURT 5th wheel roller to fit the Ram puck system
  • Roller adds clearance for short-bed trucks making tight turns (not included)
  • Quarter-turn anchoring system provides quick installation and removal
  • Adjustable anchors to eliminate chucking between the legs and under-bed platform
  • Tested for safety in accordance with SAE J2638
  • Protected by a highly durable carbide black powder coat finish
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


  • Requires Ram puck system for installation (intended for short-bed trucks)
  • Capacity limited to lowest-rated towing component
  • Warranty does not carry over to other 5th wheel components or attachments
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Mount Type Description Blank
Part Type *
Shipping Weight 84.000
Side Application Type Description Blank
UPC 612314160228
Capacity 24,000 LB
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Additional Information

The CURT OEM puck system 5th wheel roller adapter for Ram pickups combines the functionality of a CURT 5th wheel roller with the strength and convenience of Ram's truck bed puck system. The adapter is designed to securely mount a CURT 5th wheel roller and hitch head into the bed of your Ram truck, using the OEM puck system. It features a set of adjustable, quarter-turn anchors to quickly and easily drop into the pucks and provide a moveable platform for the 5th wheel coupling point. This puck system roller adapter is specifically designed for short-bed trucks and requires the Ram puck system for installation. It features a capacity of 24,000 lbs. and is compatible with most CURT 5th wheel heads (weight capacities are limited to the lowest-rated towing component).

Like our OEM puck system 5th wheel legs, the key feature of the Ram 5th wheel roller adapter is its quarter-turn anchors. With the hitch head and roller initially bolted onto the adapter, the adapter can easily be dropped into place whenever needed and secured with the quarter-turn anchors. The anchors can also be adjusted to help eliminate chucking noises between the adapter and under-bed platform while towing. When you are finished towing, simply turn the anchors to remove the entire assembly within seconds.

The CURT 5th wheel roller adapter for Ram pickup trucks provides the ultimate in versatility for the CURT 5th wheel line. With a gross trailer weight capacity of 24,000 lbs., it is able to accept any CURT 5th wheel roller, including the R16, R20 and R24. It tested for safety in accordance with SAE J2638 and is coated in a highly durable carbide black powder coat finish to protect against scratches and rust. We also give the OEM puck system 5th wheel roller adapter a limited lifetime warranty to make sure it can keep up wherever you and your Ram truck wander (warranty does not carry over to any other 5th wheel components or attachments).


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Well Thought Out Design

I looked into other adapters for the RAM truck "Puck" 5th wheel adapters and, in my opinion, this is the best design out there. It's easy to assemble, install and adjust so you don't get any movement of the mount when locked in place. Once you have it adjusted to fit your truck, it's VERY easy to install and remove. When installing the Curt slider hitch DO NOT place the neoprene pads on the locking tabs. This will raise the slider (like the R16) and you will not be able to install the locking pins.


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