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CURT Class 1 Trailer Hitch #11427

Receiver Tube Size: 1.25 Class: Class 1 Hitch UPC: 612314012039 PC: 169

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MSRP $263.74

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Instruction Sheet Download pdf
Shipping Weight 39.000
Drilling Required No
Side Application Type Description Blank
Mount Type Description Blank
Main Body Square
Part Type Class 1 Trailer Hitch
Warranty Limited Lifetime
UPC 612314012039
Receiver Tube Size 1.25
Weight Carrying Capacity(WC) 2,000 LB
Tongue Weight(TW) 200 LB
Weight Distribution(WD) n/a
Weight Distribution Tongue Weight(WDTW) n/a


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Year Make Model Style Install Time Other Hitches
2007 Toyota Avalon With Dual Exhaust
2012 Toyota Avalon With Dual Exhaust
2006 Toyota Avalon With Dual Exhaust
2008 Toyota Avalon With Dual Exhaust
2009 Toyota Avalon With Dual Exhaust
2010 Toyota Avalon With Dual Exhaust
2011 Toyota Avalon With Dual Exhaust
2005 Toyota Avalon With Dual Exhaust
8 Total Vehicles


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2008 Toyota Avalon 11427 Hitch

Very rugged construction and thick glossy paint job. I trust Curt has engineered this to haul way beyond published limits. Once installed, it is nearly invisible under the bumper and very solid. But if you plan to install DIY and don't happen to have a hydraulic car lift in your garage, prepare yourself for a 3-4 hour wrestling match. I'm have decent mechanic skills and a garage full of hand tools, but had no idea how hard this would be to install. I had to remove the rear passenger wheel to get to a third exhaust hanger not referenced in the directions, otherwise the mufflers don't lower enough to access the six heat shield bolts. I would have lowered a fourth hanger that is about halfway to the engine block but could not reach it. There is very low clearance under the Avalon and you'll have to spend a lot of time on your back with the exhaust just inches from your nose. There are vinyl stickers covering the eight pre-threaded bolt holes on the Avalon frame that can be tricky to get off. I used long bungee cords to pull the dual exhaust in different directions while I inserted the bolts, but still access was tight and tough on the knuckles. The two plastic bumper fasteners you have to remove will likely just crumble in your hands. Like I said, great product, but not a 1 hour install. If I'd known the effort required I'd have paid somebody to do it for sure.


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