Double Lock EZr

The CURT Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch is designed to be easy to install, easier to use and deliver optimum strength to make your pickup truck more than just a shiny toy in your garage. From its patented installation system to its easy-to-operate flip-and-store trailer ball, when you have a job to do, the CURT Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch is the ultimate evolution of heavy-duty towing technology.

One-person installation

The Double Lock EZr™ sets the bar high in its installation. It has several features that put it lengths ahead of the competition, starting with its one-person installation. Using our patented Center Locator, the Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch requires no measuring for the trailer ball hole and eliminates any potential errors when drilling.

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Simply mount the Double Lock EZr™ with the Center Locator placed in the hole, drill a pilot hole up from under the truck bed using the Center Locator as a guide, and then drill the full-size hole from the top of the truck bed, using the pilot hole, for error-free drilling. Orange shavings from the Center Locator indicate when you have drilled through. The Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch’s easy installation system also means no measuring required for safety chain loop holes, no need to lower the exhaust on Ford, Chevy and most Dodge / Ram trucks, no sheet metal cutting along the inside of the fender for inserting the installation rails and no need to relocate the cable hanger or ground wire on Ram trucks. It also uses carriage bolts when possible for one-wrench tightening, and retainer clips to support the center section while attaching the installation kit.

Optimum strength

The Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch raises the bar even higher with its dependable towing strength and superior design. It features a gross trailer weight rating of 30,000 lbs. and a vertical load limit of 7,500 lbs. When it comes to towing a forage harvester, livestock trailer, gravity wagon or just a plain old flatbed trailer full of equipment, the EZr™ has the raw power necessary (never exceed the lowest rated towing component). It features a fortified center section to increase its structural integrity and works together with your pickup’s frame to get the job done. It has strong, spring-loaded 5/8” safety chain loops and grade 8 hardware to ensure that safety is a number-one priority. The Double Lock EZr™ also meets all proposed SAE J2638 testing standards.

Flip-over ball with double-locking security

Finally, the CURT Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch surpasses all others with its easy operation. It features a special two-pin locking system that not only gives the Double Lock EZr™ its fancy name but also provides double the security for your gooseneck trailer. The trailer ball has a flip-and-store design that increases security and opens up the full area of your truck bed whenever you need it. Simply retract the heavy-duty handle and double-locking pins, remove the trailer ball and place it back into the mounting hole upside down. With the handle then re-engaged, loss of the trailer ball is prevented, and your truck bed will be open for storing whatever cargo you need. The Double Lock EZr™ also comes with a rubber cover and chrome trim ring to keep your gooseneck hitch and trailer ball well protected from corrosion and grime.

Limited lifetime warranty

With the Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch, we put all our chips on the table. We held nothing back, and just to show we aren’t bluffing, we back the Double Lock EZr™ with a limited lifetime warranty. For the best there is in under-bed gooseneck hitches, it has to be a CURT Double Lock EZr™.

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