Fixed Ball

CURT fixed ball gooseneck hitches are built to deliver all the towing power you need to tackle the demands of the job without breaking the bank. When your day starts the moment you climb into the seat of that full-size 4x4 pickup, your towing equipment needs to be just as hardworking. CURT fixed ball gooseneck hitches are a permanent towing solution that offers reliable strength at an economical price.

CURT offers two fixed ball gooseneck hitches. Both feature an over-bed design, installing directly on top of your truck bed using a CURT over-bed gooseneck installation kit. They offer a gross trailer weight capacity up to 30,000 lbs. to allow you to tow whatever heavy-duty trailer you need, whether a livestock trailer full of horses, a flatbed piled with building materials or a car hauler carrying a backhoe. Both of our fixed ball goosenecks come with a standard size 2 5/16” gooseneck trailer ball welded onto a thick steel plate. 

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The fixed design ensures the ball can never be loosened or stolen, increasing safety on the road and preventing theft. Also, to ensure that CURT fixed ball gooseneck hitches can indeed be called CURT hitches, we finish them in a durable carbide powder coat that provides the necessary protection from rust, wear and other everyday threats you meet on the road. Choose from the over-bed fixed ball gooseneck hitch or the over-bed flat plate gooseneck. The over-bed fixed ball comes with a 12” x 12” plate and includes the necessary hardware for a full installation, though safety chain hookups are required. The flat plate gooseneck hitch features a wide 13” x 48” plate and comes with two 1/2” welded, forged D-rings for a solid attachment point for safety chains. It can be bolted into your pickup truck bed or welded on. Reinforcement is required to reach the maximum gross trailer weight of 30,000 lbs.

For the best quality and durability in gooseneck towing, CURT is the obvious choice. We carefully engineer, test and manufacture our gooseneck hitches to meet today’s safety standards and exceed all expectations. For a gooseneck with all the quality of a CURT hitch and the economy to keep your wallet full, there is nothing like a CURT fixed ball gooseneck hitch.

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