CURT has a full line of gooseneck systems for just about every truck on the road. Choose from multiple styles including fifth wheel rail mounted gooseneck hitches. Round out your setup with CURT Gooseneck replacement parts and accessories.

Advantages of the CURT gooseneck hitch line:





Under-bed designs for minimal truck bed interference



Exclusive Center Locator for error-free drilling



All gooseneck hitch installation kits made in the USA



Installing a gooseneck hitch is typically more complicated than installing a standard trailer hitch or even a 5th wheel hitch. However, the process can be very rewarding, and the end result worthwhile. Unless you have a flat plate gooseneck hitch or a 5th wheel adapter, a gooseneck hitch requires an installation kit. CURT provides step-by-step instructions, as well as helpful videos online, to walk you through the installation of a new gooseneck hitch.


CURT Gooseneck HitchWhen considering what type of gooseneck hitch to choose for your pickup truck, it is important to think about how often you will use the hitch and what cargo you might haul in your pickup when not towing a gooseneck trailer. While all gooseneck hitches generally stay out of the way and leave the majority of the truck bed open for use, some are built to be more subtle than others. If you often tow gooseneck trailers and use your truck bed for little else, an over-bed gooseneck hitch may be the better choice if you are hoping to save some money. Along with our Over-Bed Fixed Ball Gooseneck Hitches, we offer the Over-Bed Folding Ball Gooseneck Hitch. This design features a trailer ball that folds down and out of the way for more efficient use of your truck bed. Under-bed gooseneck hitches, on the other hand, are better designed for switching back and forth between towing a gooseneck trailer and using your truck bed to haul cargo. The Under-Bed Double Lock Gooseneck Hitch, for example, features a removable flip-and-store trailer ball that moves out of the way to keep the truck bed free of any obstructions. The heavy-duty handle on the Double Lock keeps the trailer ball secure, whether you are towing or storing. Removable trailer balls in gooseneck hitches also allow for the use of a 5th wheel adapter plate, instantly making your pickup truck compatible with a 5th wheel hitch. This is especially useful for farmers, contractors and others who frequently tow various heavy-duty trailers and equipment.


Because gooseneck hitches go hand in hand with towing large, heavy loads, your towing rig will more than likely require a few extra electrical components that would not be needed on a standard trailer. If your gooseneck trailer is equipped with electric brakes, a quality brake control unit is a smart investment to ensure the utmost safety on the road and maximum efficiency of your towing equipment. CURT brake controls are available in inertia-based and time-based options and feature digital or LED displays for easy monitoring. The CURT TriFlex Brake Control is particularly advanced, featuring a triple-axis accelerometer, nine levels of sensitivity adjustment and automatic leveling and calibration capabilities. You can see all of our brake controls and more on the CURT Towing Electrical page.

At CURT, we know the demands that come with a hard-working lifestyle – the noise of the construction site, the long hours behind the wheel of a tractor, the potential danger of high-powered equipment. You should expect your towing equipment to endure when facing the same demands. With our tried and true designs and knack for innovation, CURT proudly offers its extensive line of gooseneck hitches, knowing they will never steer you wrong.

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