CURT’s 16,000-lb. capacity 5th wheel hitches are divided into two categories: the A16 (formerly the Q16) and the E16.

Within the strong steel hitch body of the A16 is a cast metal cradle yoke that pivots on two axes. This allows it to move freely with the 5th wheel trailer and kingpin while maintaining superior towing strength. It also makes the A16’s movements extremely quiet. The A16 also has a series of poly torsion inserts that suppress shock loads and reduce noise.

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Advantages of A16 5th Wheel Hitch

Cast yoke with poly-torsion
inserts to reduce noise
    Extra-wide head opening
    for easier coupling
         Fully articulating
         torsion head
    Lockable handle self-resets
    to coupling position

The CURT A16 5th wheel hitch makes towing easier and safer than ever. Connected to the yoke and hitch body is a fully articulating torsion head that adapts to the movements of the trailer while keeping firm control over the load. The hitch head also features an extra wide opening to make coupling even easier. When hitching up to your 5th wheel, rather than requiring you to make multiple passes to find that perfect angle, the A16 works with you to zero in on the kingpin and make a faster connection. When the kingpin is engaged, two high-strength interlocking jaws surround it for 360 degrees of coverage. The A16 makes coupling even easier with its three-position coupling indicator. Like our fifth wheel hitches from the Q-series, the A16 has a special indicator behind the hitch head that shows the immediate coupling status of the hitch and trailer. Because the indicator is visible from the cab, it eliminates the need for you to climb in and out of your truck cab to check on the connection.


Some of the other features that make the A16 5th wheel hitch unique are its fast, one-pin head removal and its lockable, self-resetting handle. The one-pin hitch head makes it easy to unload the A16 from your pickup truck or switch it to another vehicle. The lockable handle allows for easy operation and makes coupling and uncoupling a walk in the park. The A16 5th wheel hitch offers a gross trailer weight capacity of 16,000 lbs., a vertical load limit of 4,000 lbs. and comes with a durable carbide powder coat finish to keep it well protected from rust and wear. It meets the proposed SAE J2638 testing standards, meaning it is very safe to use, and just to show you how much we stand behind this fact, we back it up with a limited lifetime warranty.

The CURT E16 5th wheel hitch also offers up to 16,000 lbs. of gross trailer capacity and 4,000 lbs. of vertical load limit. It uses a dual-pivot system to allow the hitch head to move on two axes and articulate with your trailer during travel. The hitch head uses an anti-rattle skid plate and up to 10 degrees of lateral movement to prevent popping and chucking noises and provide a smoother ride. The E16 5th wheel hitch is also adjustable with four possible height positions to accommodate your particular 5th wheel hitch and ensure a level ride. Single-handle operation and an auto-locking mechanism make coupling and uncoupling with the E16 easy. It also comes with a durable carbide powder coat to resist corrosion and wear, meets the proposed SAE J2638 testing standards and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Both the A16 and E16 can be purchased as a package with 5th wheel legs, with a 5th wheel roller, with or without 5th wheel base rails or with the option of Ford or Ram original equipment 5th wheel legs to fit in Ford or Ram trucks that include a towing package. They can also be purchased as an independent hitch head.

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