5th Wheel Hitches

CURT 5th wheel hitches are in a category of their own, giving new definition to the concept of heavy-duty towing. With their superior strength and gentle ride, 5th wheel hitches are intended for towing heavy loads and, more specifically, the bulky size of 5th wheel trailers. At CURT, we recognize the need for quality 5th wheel towing products and the fact that the most common use for fifth wheel hitches is RV towing. As such, we have designed our 5th wheel trailer hitches to be the perfect balance of towing power and versatility, to give you that ultimate RV experience, weekend after weekend.

CURT 5th wheel hitches function much like the coupling mechanism of a semi truck or 18-wheeler. Unlike our receiver hitches that provide a tube to accept a ball mount shank, our 5th wheels place the coupler on the vehicle side and are designed to accept the kingpin of a fifth wheel trailer. CURT 5th wheel hitches are engineered to mount into the bed of a pickup truck using a 5th wheel bracket kit and base rails or a gooseneck adapter. Our 5th wheels are available with Ford OEM legs, Ram OEM legs, basic 5th wheel legs and rails, a 5th wheel roller unit or simply as a standalone hitch head.

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CURT offers the Q-Series and A-Series 5th wheel lines. Our Q-Series includes the Q20 and Q24, while our A-Series features the A16. Each has its own set of unique features that makes it worthy to carry the CURT name.



CURT Q24 5th Wheel Hitch 16245The CURT Q24 is the heavyweight champion of our 5th wheel hitches. With a 24,000-lb. gross trailer weight capacity and a vertical load limit of 6,000 lbs., the Q24 is capable of handling the heaviest of 5th wheel trailers, including that deluxe RV. Something that sets the Q24 5th wheel hitch apart from competitive models is its spherical axial bearing. Instead of having a set of rods on which the hitch head can pivot, the Q24 uses a spherical bearing to allow the hitch head to pivot in virtually any direction. This means smoother turns, a quieter ride and less strain on your towing equipment and truck. The CURT Q24 5th wheel trailer hitch also features dual-locking jaws, a self-aligning head, single-handle operation and a three-position coupling indicator. It comes with a durable carbide powder coat finish, a 10-year warranty and meets proposed SAE J2638 testing standards.




CURT Q20 5th Wheel Hitch 16130Like its older brother, the Q24, the CURT Q20 is a specialist in its class. It features a solid 20,000-lb. gross trailer weight capacity and can accept a vertical load limit of 5,000 lbs., giving it the capability to tow most larger recreational vehicles, campers and many other 5th wheel trailers. Also like the Q24, the Q20 5th wheel has a superior hitch head, pivoting on a spherical axial bearing. This ensures smooth, quiet towing and allows unimpeded head movement and a wide turning radius for your trailer. The self-aligning head and dual-locking jaws make coupling easier, and with the three-position coupling mechanism, indicating when it safe to couple and when it is safe to tow, you can be out of the driveway and on your way quicker than ever. The Q20 comes with a durable carbide powder coat finish to give this hitch the best possible defense against corrosion, scratching, UV damage and whatever else you throw its way. It meets proposed SAE J2638 testing standards and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind.



CURT Q16 5th Wheel Hitch 16120When we designed the CURT A16 5th wheel trailer hitch, we wanted it to be as quiet as possible. The A16 has a gross trailer weight capacity of 16,000 lbs. and can handle up to a 4,000-lb. vertical load. It comes with a three-position coupling indicator that is visible from your pickup truck cab, an extra wide head for easier coupling and high-strength interlocking die-cast jaws for a secure hold on the 5th wheel kingpin. It also has fast, one-pin head removal to make removing the hitch quick and easy. The CURT A16 excels in providing you with the quietest ride possible while maintaining superior towing power. It uses a fully articulating torsion head, a cast yolk with poly-torsion inserts and interlocking jaws to create stability for your trailer and tow vehicle. These components also allow the A16 to suppress shock and vibrations and reduce any additional noise coming from your trailer. Like the other CURT 5th wheel hitches, the A16 is coated with a durable carbide powder coat finish and meets proposed SAE J2638 standards. It also includes a limited lifetime warranty to make this the best hitch you will ever mount in the back of your pickup.




CURT E16 5th Wheel Hitch 16115Outside the Q-Series and A-Series, we offer the CURT E16 5th wheel trailer hitch as an economical choice with many of the same features found in our hitches. The E16 has a gross trailer weight rating of up to 16,000 lbs. and can withstand a vertical load up to 4,000 lbs. It comes with a dual-pivoting head, 10 degrees of lateral movement and an anti-rattle skid plate to provide a smoother, quieter ride. The E16 also comes with single-handle operation and a durable carbide powder coat for long-lasting protection against the elements. With four height adjustment settings, the E16 is quick and simple to install. It is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Whether you call yourself an extreme RV enthusiast or a casual camper, CURT has 5th wheel towing products to help you Bring It®. We know the value you put on your weekend getaways and cross-country adventures. We are right there with you, and because of that, we have invested the time and resources necessary to make quality 5th wheel trailer hitches and equipment you can be proud to own.

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