1/2 IN Hitch Pins and Clips

The job of a hitch pin is incredibly important in towing, and for this reason, CURT hitch pins and clips are made to be of the utmost quality, providing you with reliable security for your trailer and cargo.

CURT 1/2” hitch pins measure a full half inch in diameter and are constructed from solid steel. This helps ensure they have the strength they need to keep your ball mount, cargo carrier, bike rack or whatever you are towing securely fastened. Our 1/2” pins are available in a number of finishes to give you options for your specific vehicle and trailer hitch. Choose from standard zinc, chrome or a stainless steel finish. We also offer hitch pins with various retainer options, including regular-hole pins and grooved pins as well as standard clip and swivel clip options. The swivel clip is a unique fastening system uses a permanently attached, hinging clip to keep the pin in place. To insert or remove the pin, the swivel clip can simply be rotated in line with the pin. When a shank is ready to be locked into place, the clip swivels to a perpendicular position. The permanent attachment of the clip helps make operation easier and ensures that it will never be lost.

All CURT 1/2” pins come with a 105° bend, making them easier to handle and operate when mounting your ball mount. We also have a vinyl-coated model to provide an even better grip when installing or removing the hitch pin. 1/2” hitch pins will fit any CURT ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory with a 1 1/4” shank, making them the perfect accessory for your class 1 or class 2 trailer hitch.

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