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Wherever you tow your 5th wheel trailer, if finding that open road is a way of life for you, you need a 5th wheel hitch that is strong like the Rocky Mountains, smooth like the rolling hills of Iowa and quiet like the South Dakota Badlands. With its spherical axial bearing, dual-locking jaws and high-strength steel construction, the CURT Q25 5th wheel hitch gives you superior towing power and a supremely quiet ride.

As the newest member of the CURT Q-series, the Q25 excels in quiet towing. The defining component of this 25K 5th wheel hitch is its unique pivoting mechanism, a spherical axial bearing. This highly sophisticated technology offers free movement to allow the Q25 5th wheel head to tilt in virtually any direction. Once coupled to the kingpin, the head pivots and angles with your 5th wheel trailer, making turns smoother, dips easier and bumps gentler. The head also uses a pair of dual-locking jaws to completely wrap the kingpin on all sides and ensure a secure vehicle-trailer connection. To make the Q25 even quieter, it also comes with three grease fittings and a polyethylene lube plate for optimum lubrication.

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Advantages of the Q25 5th Wheel Hitch

                  Spherical axial bearing allows
                  unimpeded head movement
            Dual jaws provide
            360° kingpin contact
                 Coupling indicator
                 visible from truck cab


Not only is the Q25 built to be one of the quietest hitches on the market, but it is also made to be one of the strongest. Constructed from strong steel and rigorously tested for safety in accordance with SAE J2638 standards, this 5th wheel hitch offers a gross trailer weight capacity of 25,000 lbs. and a vertical load limit of 6,250 lbs., allowing it to tow virtually any 5th wheel trailer.

The Q25 is the perfect 5th wheel hitch to take full advantage of the high towing capacity of many of today's full-size pickup trucks. To ensure good functionality and a long life under the most strenuous towing conditions, the Q25 is also coated in a black carbide powder coat finish, giving it a highly durable shell to protect against rust and wear.

The Q25 5th wheel hitch is made for ideal functionality and convenience for your RV adventures. Like our other Q-series 5th wheel hitches, it features a three-position coupling indicator on the front side, telling you the exact coupling status of your trailer to your vehicle. The indicator is visible from your truck cab and will indicate when the trailer is uncoupled, coupled and when it is ready to tow.

The Q25 also comes with a wide, self-aligning head for easier coupling, a short-throw handle and a variety of mounting options to accommodate your specific pickup truck. The Q25 attaches to any industry-standard 5th wheel rails using our 5th wheel legs or a 5th wheel roller. It can also be mounted on any of our OEM-compatible 5th wheel leg kits or roller adapters for Ford, GM or Ram trucks with the towing prep package (Note: Never exceed the weight capacity of the lowest rated component).


At CURT, we believe that your towing equipment should never be the thing that stands between you and the things you love to do. The CURT Q25 5th wheel hitch is your key to the open road. To let you Bring It® with complete confidence, we back the Q25 with a ten-year limited warranty.

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