Cargo Straps

Wrapping rope around your trailer and hoping for the best is not the ideal way to secure cargo. Even using a net of bungee cords can create an unsafe scenario if just one of those bungees pops loose. Using the right method to secure your cargo is an important aspect of towing that is too often overlooked. When you need cargo security that can handle the long haul, you need CURT cargo straps. We offer two different types of cargo straps in a variety of colors, lengths and with various hook types to give you a cargo management solution to fit your unique towing setup.

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Cambuckle Straps

CURT cambuckle cargo straps are a lightweight load-securing option. They are made of a tough, woven polyester material, designed to be highly resistant to stretching and abrasion. These particular straps have a break strength of 900 lbs. and a work load limit of 300 lbs. The cambuckle latch works by pressing the thumb release and threading the open end of the strap in through the back side of the buckle. To tighten the strap, simply pull on the open end. Cam straps are especially useful when securing lighter loads and fragile cargo. Because you have a direct influence over the tension, it is difficult to over-tighten the strap and crush the cargo.


Ratchet Straps

CURT also offers a solution to accommodate larger and heavier loads. Our ratchet straps feature break strengths from 1,500 to 10,000 lbs. and range from 10' to 27' in length. These straps are made from a high-strength, woven polyester material and come with a ratcheting buckle that allows for superior tension on the load. A ratcheting strap is secured by holding the release lever and opening the ratchet part of the way. The open end of the strap threads in through the take-up spool and is brought back on itself to pull through any excess slack. The strap can then be tightened to the desired tension by moving the ratchet back and forth.


Depending on the strap type, CURT cargo strap packages may include anywhere from one to four straps. There are also a number of fastener types that come with our various cargo straps, including S-hooks, J-hooks and flat hooks. Each strap is assigned its own hook type to complement its holding capability.


When deciding which type of strap to choose for your towing setup, it is important to know what cargo you plan to tow. For lightweight, fragile loads such as wood furniture and brush, CURT cambuckle straps get the job done without causing damage from over-tightening. For heavier loads and larger objects such as construction materials and outdoor equipment, our ratcheting straps are a better choice. Just remember, always use a strap with a work load limit that exceeds the actual weight of the load. This will ensure secure cargo and safe towing.

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