Reducer Bushings

With so many different trailer ball and ball mount sizes available, having a trailer ball and ball mount that are mismatched is a definite possibility. At CURT, we pride ourselves on offering a complete selection of towing equipment and design our products to be an exact fit for your towing application. However, we also understand that making a minor adjustment to your towing equipment is much more cost-effective and efficient than purchasing brand new equipment.

CURT reducer bushings are the fast, easy way to make your trailer ball fit snuggly into your ball mount for safe, quiet towing. Installing a trailer ball with any wiggle room between the shank and ball mount hole is a recipe for disaster. It does not matter how much torque you apply to the trailer ball nut – if you have a trailer ball shank that is too small, it will eventually come loose in the ball mount platform and lead to trailer sway or even a breakaway. A CURT reducer bushing provides an effective filler for any gap that might surround your trailer ball shank.

CURT reducer bushings come in three sizes, including 1 3/8”, 1 1/4” and 1”. The 1 3/8” reduces the ball mount hole size down to 1 1/4”, the 1 1/4” reduces it down to 1” and the 1” down to 3/4”. All CURT reducer bushings feature a yellow zinc finish to prevent rust and corrosion and are available to fit most CURT ball mount and trailer ball sizes.

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