The Q24 is the heaviest-duty hitch of the CURT 5th wheel lineup. As a member of CURT’s Q-series, the Q24 has several features that set it apart from other fifth wheel hitches and make it the perfect towing accessory to mount in the bed of your pickup truck and accommodate that deluxe RV. One of the most notable features of the Q24 is its remarkably quiet operation. Many 5th wheel hitches use two or three axes to allow the hitch head to move with the kingpin and the 5th wheel trailer. While this mechanism is effective, it does have its limits and can cause chucking and popping noises. Rather than trying to add another pivot point, CURT decided to think outside the box. The Q24 features a spherical axial bearing, a single sphere-like axle that literally allows the hitch head to move in any direction necessary. This, combined with thick rubber stoppers, ensures smooth, quiet movement of the hitch head for better articulation with the 5th wheel kingpin and unimpeded movement of the trailer.

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Advantages of the Q24 5th Wheel Hitch

                  Spherical axial bearing allows
                  unimpeded head movement
            Dual jaws provide
            360° kingpin contact
                 Coupling indicator
                 visible from truck cab


Another one of the Q24’s distinguishing features is its dual-locking jaws and extra wide head. Hooking up a fifth wheel trailer can be difficult to master, especially when the trailer hitch you have is unwilling to cooperate. With its wider hitch head, the Q24 is able to compensate for minor errors and make backing up to your 5th wheel trailer much easier and faster. With its dual-locking jaws and short throw operation, the Q24 grasps the kingpin firmly with 360° contact. This provides added security while traveling and ensures that the kingpin stays fixed in place for less rattling and chucking.

The last major feature of the Q24 that makes it especially unique is its three-position coupling indicator. Instead of leaving you guessing about whether or not your 5th wheel trailer is properly hooked up, the coupling indicator tells you exactly when it is safe to couple and when your trailer is ready to tow. Plus, it is visible from the cab of your truck, so there is no need to waste time getting in and out of your pickup. The indictor features three positions: uncouple, couple and tow. In the uncouple position, the jaws are locked open, indicating that it safe for you to pull your truck forward and away from your trailer. In the couple position, the jaws are open and ready to be coupled to your trailer. In the tow position, the jaws are locked closed, meaning that it is safe to tow your trailer, though a visible inspection should be done before travel. With this three-position indicator and a lockable handle that self-resets to the couple position when the hitch is uncoupled, hitching up could not be easier.


Some of the other features that make the Q24 a 5th wheel hitch worthy of your truck are its 24,000-lb. gross trailer weight capacity, 6,000-lb. vertical load limit, three grease fittings for constant lubrication, universal mounting on industry-standard rails and a durable carbide powder coat finish. The Q24 meets proposed SAE J2638 testing standards and comes with a ten-year limited warranty. Also, to make the Q24 even more attractive, we offer it in a number of different setups, including the hitch head by itself, with standard legs, with legs and rails, with a 5th wheel roller or with a roller and rails. We also have two original manufacturer 5th wheel leg options, allowing you to mount the Q24 directly into a Ford or RAM pickup truck with an included towing package.

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