Electrical Adapters

There are several different types of connectors used to supply power from a tow vehicle’s electrical system to the trailer’s electrical system. Some trailers only need the bare essentials – running lights, brake lights and turn signals – while others require a connection for reverse lights, electric brakes and auxiliary power. With connectors ranging from 4-way flat to 7-way round, there is a good chance that the connection between your vehicle and your trailer will be mismatched. For this very common problem, CURT offers a quick and simple solution. We have an entire array of adapters that allow a connection between most types of connectors, including 7-way RV blades. CURT adapters are available in formats such as 4-way round to 4-way flat, 4-way flat to 7-way round, 6-way round to 4-way flat and many more.

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Use the chart below to locate the connector types of your vehicle and trailer and follow the grid to find the CURT adapter for your towing setup. All CURT wiring and electrical products come with a one-year limited warranty to give you the assurance you need to tow with confidence.

CURT Electrical Adapter Selection Chart

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