Brake Controls

It takes a lot of power to stop a moving trailer, especially when that trailer is hauling a heavy load. On RVs, flatbeds, livestock trailers and many other oversize haulers, manufacturers typically install trailer brakes to assist the tow vehicle in bringing such a massive amount of weight to a halt. But it takes more than a good set of brakes to make quick, efficient stops. It takes precision and the right amount of control.

CURT brake controls are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your trailer brakes by telling them exactly when to activate and how much pressure to apply. A brake control also gives you the option of activating and adjusting your trailer brakes whenever needed.

CURT offers four different models of brake controllers to provide the right fit for your towing setup and budget. Two of these are time-based brake controls, and two are inertia-based. Time-based activation means that the brake control monitors the amount of time that your foot is on the brake pedal and applies increasing pressure. In other words, the longer your foot is on the brake, the more braking power the brake control will send to the trailer brakes. One advantage of time-based brake controllers is that they typically require very little calibration during setup. Inertia-based activation, on the other hand, works by measuring the changes in velocity in your vehicle. Inertia-based brake controls, or proportion-based brake controls, use accelerometers to turn physical forces into electrical signals. They apply a precise amount of brake pressure based on the inertia of your vehicle.

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CURT Venturer 51110Venturer

The first unit in CURT’s brake control lineup is Venturer. This trailer brake controller is compact and easy to set up. It can be mounted at any angle and has an automatic power level adjustment feature. The Venturer brake control can operate one to three axles, meaning two to six brakes, and has an LED display for monitoring brake pressure. Venturer is compatible with anti-lock brakes, cruise control and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


CURT Discovery 51120

The Discovery brake control one-ups Venturer, having a digital display and the ability to manage up to four axles at a time. Like Venturer, Discovery mounts at any angle, anywhere in the vehicle and comes with an automatic power level adjustment feature. It is compatible with anti-lock brakes, cruise control and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.



CURT Reflex 51130Reflex

The inertia-based Reflex brake controller is capable of handling up to four axles, or eight brakes, and comes with a dual-axis accelerometer to precisely sense your vehicle’s motion. Reflex features a digital display for easy brake monitoring, an automatic power adjuster to adapt to inclines and is easily calibrated with just the push of a button. Reflex can be used with anti-lock brakes and cruise control and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

TriFlexCURT TriFlex 51140

The crown jewel of CURT’s brake control lineup is the TriFlex brake control. This proportion-based brake control features a compact size, a digital display and can manage up to eight brakes at a time. The feature that sets the TriFlex apart from all others is its triple-axis motion-sensing accelerometer. This integrated circuit component allows the TriFlex to detect every motion of your vehicle and trailer with exact precision. It is then able to apply the perfect amount of varying braking power as needed. The TriFlex also automatically adjusts brake output when going up or down a hill and is compatible with anti-lock brakes and cruise control. Best of all, like other CURT brake controls, the TriFlex is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

All CURT brake controls are designed to work with quick plugs so that they can readily plug into your vehicle’s original equipment socket. They also include a mounting bracket and hardware for easy installation. A brake controller should be mounted somewhere on the dash of your vehicle, and we recommend putting it below the steering wheel, either on the right or left side of the steering column. This way the control will not block your view when driving, but it will remain accessible and visible when adjustment is needed.

At CURT, we know that you tow because you have passion. You tow the things you love, and you tow to do things you love. Protect your precious cargo by making sure you, your family and your towing rig are always safe and secure with a CURT brake control.

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