Powered Converter Wiring Kits

CURT taillight converters offer different features and capacities to accommodate a variety of vehicles and provide a reliable vehicle-to-trailer wiring connection. Non-powered converters draw electricity directly from the vehicle's taillights, while powered converters require an extra connection to the vehicle’s battery. This extra connection helps maintain a steady current to the vehicle's other electrical components, drawing power directly from source and bypassing the other systems. For this type of converter, a wiring kit is needed.

CURT offers two powered converter wiring kits: a 10-amp version and a 15-amp version. Both kits include 20 feet of USA-made cross-linked wire, as well as terminals, butt connectors and the appropriate fuses and fuse holders to accommodate each amperage. Wiring kits are included with many of our converters, though some require a kit to be purchased separately. Please see the individual part page or the application guide for more information.

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