CURT electrical products are designed to deliver unsurpassed levels of performance, reliability and durability. CURT Connectors feature bonded wires and rubber molded construction. 6-way round connectors are commonly used for horse, farm, boat, and utility trailers. 7-way connectors work great for RV travel trailers. CURT Connectors are available in 2-way flat bonded loop, 4-way flat, 4-way flat knockouts, 4-way round, 5-way flat, 6-way round and 7-way and all are available in trailer-end and car-end. Packaged kits include necessary installation hardware. For high-quality and broad vehicle coverage, choose CURT Manufacturing.

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The use of surface mount technology (SMT) components is just one of the steps CURT has taken to achieve this. SMT components are the most up-to-date parts available for circuit designs. SMT components offer lower resistance, less heat generation and longer life cycles than more common, out-of-date, through-hole mounted components.

CURT applies SMT to a full line of taillight converters and to any T-Connector with a built-in converter.


  • Better performance under vibration conditions, common while towing
  • Maximizes trailer light intensity and life
  • High reliability


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