Basket-Style Cargo Carriers

What do you get when you combine a packed cooler, two tents, a mini grill, camp chairs, fishing rods and three of your best friends? You get a weekend spent as weekends were meant to be spent: outdoors, breathing the fresh air, doing the things you love. All you need to do is pick a direction on the map and go. But what happens when all that stuff is too much for your car’s tiny trunk to handle? The answer: a CURT basket-style cargo carrier.

CURT basket-style cargo carriers are the fast, simple, convenient way to add storage area to your car, van, truck or crossover SUV. Their convenience and reliability comes from their hitch mount design. CURT cargo baskets are made with shanks to fit a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" or 2" x 2" receiver tube opening and are secured in place using a hitch pin and clip. This allows them to be mounted on virtually any receiver-type trailer hitch with the appropriate tube size and makes them very easy to install and remove as needed. CURT cargo carriers can also be mounted on a front mount trailer hitch to free up the rear mount hitch for towing a trailer. They are made with a heavy-duty, tubular steel construction, making them lightweight and incredibly strong, and they can hold up to 500 lbs. of cargo, including anything from camping gear and fishing equipment to that prize deer. Basket-style cargo carriers are especially designed to keep cargo more secure by offering a 6" high wall all the way around. This keeps cargo better contained and provides a convenient attachment point for a cargo bag, cargo net or straps.

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All CURT basket-style cargo carriers are built with a straightforward bolt-together assembly, making them a cinch to put together. They also come with a carbide powder coat finish to provide an extra level of rust and scratch resistance. You never know you might encounter on the trail ahead, and our special black carbide finish ensures that your cargo carrier can keep up. Each basket carrier is equipped with built-in reflectors to add visibility for increased safety whether you are on the road or off it.

Some of the special options that are available in our basket-style cargo carrier line are a folding shank for easy storage when the carrier is not in use, an adapter sleeve to allow use with either a 1 1/4" or 2" receiver tube opening, and an angled shank for more ground clearance. These features are not available on every model, but are offered throughout the CURT cargo carrier line, on both our basket-style carriers and tray-style. CURT cargo carriers are compatible with our cargo nets to keep your items more secure and with our weatherproof cargo bags to offer an even more reliable security solution.

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