Cargo Carriers

Save storage space in your vehicle by transporting your gear in a CURT hitch mounted cargo basket. Secure your load with cargo nets and ratchet straps and Bring It!

Tray-Style Cargo Carriers

CURT Cargo Carrier 18109 CURT Cargo Carrier 18100 CURT Cargo Carrier 18100

The first hitch-mounted cargo carrier from CURT is a mesh, bolt-together, tray-style carrier. We offer four different models of the tray-style: three with a 2” x 2” shank and a little over eight square feet of storage space, and one with a 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” shank and about six and a half square feet of storage space. You can also choose from strong carbide steel or a lightweight aluminum option. Tray-style cargo carriers are versatile and simple to use. They have holes along the outer edge for mounting a cargo net or bungees, making it easy to keep items secure, and there is also a folding option on two of the models to fold up and out of the way when the cargo carrier is not in use.


Basket-Style Cargo Carriers

CURT Basket Style Cargo Carrier 18145 CURT Basket Style Cargo Carrier 18150 CURT Basket Style Cargo Carrier 18153

The second hitch-mounted cargo carrier is the basket-style. Like the tray-style, the basket cargo carrier features a bolt-together design. CURT has five different models of the basket-style with 2” and 1 1/4” shank options. All CURT basket carriers are made with heavy-duty carbide steel and have a tubular construction for increased strength. One of the advantages of the basket style is its 6” high sides. These provide extra security and peace of mind during travel. Of the five CURT basket-style carriers, two offer a little over eight square feet of storage area, two offer ten square feet of storage area, and the adapter sleeve model offers a little over six and a half square feet of storage area. The fold-up option is also available on certain models.


Roof-Mounted Cargo Basket

CURT Roof-Mounted Cargo Basket 18115 CURT Roof-Mounted Cargo Basket 18117 CURT Roof-Mounted Cargo Basket 18117

While hitch-mounted cargo carriers are extremely helpful for maximizing vehicle storage space, some prefer an alternative. The CURT roof-mounted cargo basket is a roomy and versatile cargo carrier with a lightweight design and easy installation. It features a simple two-piece assembly and mounts to most styles of roof rack base rails. One of the key advantages to the CURT roof basket is its extension option. With the extension piece installed, this cargo rack goes from a little over ten square feet of storage room to an impressive 16 square feet, providing lots of extra room for storing bulkier items. The roof-mounted cargo basket readily accepts a CURT cargo net to get you packed up and on your way with less hassle.


Whether you prefer the hitch-mounted carrier or the roof rack option, CURT has cargo management solutions to meet your needs.

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