Ball Mount Accessories

CURT offers several different types of ball mounts, from the standard design to heavy-duty to our specialty ball mounts. For each kind, we offer options for shank size, length, drop, rise and more. But we do not stop there. The CURT ball mount accessory line is a carefully comprised collection of special products that are designed to complement and enhance the function of your ball mount.

Reducer BushingsCURT Reducer Bushing 21100

When you need to use a smaller trailer ball on a larger ball mount, CURT reducer bushings are the perfect solution. For most of us, buying a brand new ball mount is not always the economic option, and trying to use a trailer ball that is too small for your current ball mount is simply not safe. CURT reducer bushings are designed to be placed onto the shank of a trailer ball to fill in any space that might exist between the trailer ball shank and the ball mount mounting hole. Reducer bushings are made from zinc-plated steel and come in a variety of sizes to fit most trailer ball applications.

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Hitch Pins, Clips & Locks

CURT hitch pins and clips are an essential component of your ball mount. A hitch pin is responsible for keeping the ball mount and trailer totally secure, and as such, it needs to be dependable. Each CURT pin and clip is made from solid steel to give it the strength necessary for safe towing.  They are available in either 1/2” or 5/8” diameters and can be purchased in various finishes, including zinc, chrome, stainless steel and black. An alternative to a basic CURT pin and clip is one of our hitch locks. A hitch lock functions the same as a pin and clip, keeping the ball mount firmly in place in the trailer hitch, but also adding extra security by allowing you to lock it with the simple turn of a key.

CURT Anti-Rattle Kit 22321
Anti-Rattle Kits

Another one of our useful ball mount accessories is the CURT anti-rattle kit. These kits include a bracket, a threaded bolt or hitch lock, a washer and a clip. The bracket is designed to insert into a hollow ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory shank. The shank can then be inserted into the receiver tube of the trailer hitch and secured using the threaded bolt or lock. Because the anti-rattle bracket is also equipped with threads, it is able to tighten the shank using the bolt and eliminate any wiggle room that might cause rattling or even trailer sway. CURT anti-rattle kits are available for 1 1/4” and 2” shanks and can be used on any hollow shank of the appropriate size.

Ball Mount Tongue SleeveCURT Ball Mount Tongue Sleeve 45007

Installing and torqueing a trailer ball on your ball mount can be a major inconvenience when you are hoping to get underway on your trip. Instead of trying to handle two wrenches at a time and keep the trailer ball in place while you get it tightened, the CURT ball mount tongue sleeve makes things easier. The ball mount tongue sleeve allows for single-wrench tightening and torqueing of a trailer ball. This ball mount installation accessory simply fits over the mounting platform of your ball mount and accepts a trailer ball, holding it in place and keeping it from turning as you tighten the nut. Simply let the ball mount do the work! The CURT ball mount tongue sleeve is designed for 2” ball mounts with 2 1/2” ball mount tongues and fits wrench-flat trailer balls only.

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