Switch Ball Sets

CURT Switch Ball Set

CURT Switch Ball® trailer balls are a breakthrough in trailer ball technology. As a result of CURT innovation and engineering genius, Switch Balls® offer the ultimate in convenience and reliability for a variety of light-duty and medium-duty towing applications. Essentially, a CURT Switch Ball® is a trailer ball shank with a removable head. With its exclusive J-groove design, the Switch Ball® trailer ball allows different heads or ball sizes to be places on the shank for accommodating different coupler sizes. This means there is no need to switch between ball mounts or even to own a second ball mount to fit an additional trailer. When you need to make the switch, simply twist the Switch Ball® head, lift it off and twist on another. The J-groove ensures a solid hold on your trailer, while still allowing for easy removal of the trailer ball without tools or pins. 

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CURT Switch Ball® trailer balls come in sets of two or three. We construct these interchangeable hitch balls from premium grade steel for strength and give them a bright nickel-chrome finish for a long life. Switch Ball® trailer balls are available in a range of capacities, depending on the ball size. The 1 7/8” ball offers a gross trailer weight capacity of 3,500 lbs., the 2” ball can manage up to 6,000 lbs. and the 2 5/16” ball 8,000 lbs.

To ensure your safety and provide you with a tow ball you can depend on, CURT Switch Balls® are independently tested to SAE J684 testing standards. We have also designed these trailer hitch balls so that, when installed, the tongue weight of the trailer rests on the shank, taking stress off the ball head and allowing the coupler to articulate without resistance. When you want to revolutionize your towing experience, CURT Switch Ball® trailer balls are the answer.

CURT Switch Ball Trailer Balls

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