Safety Chains

CURT Safety ChainsSafety chains are a towing accessory required by law, and they provide a measure of safety to your towing unlike any other piece of towing equipment. When it comes to your precious cargo, make the smart decision and go with a pair of quality safety chains from the ones who know towing best.

Basic CURT safety chains are grade 30 chains fitted with S-hooks for quick and easy attachment to your vehicle. We offer our safety chains in a variety of lengths to accommodate different types of trails and in a range of break strengths, from 2,000 to 24,000 lbs., to safely manage different load sizes.

Safety chains should always be attached any time you take to the road with your vehicle and trailer. It does not matter the distance you are traveling – if you are towing, safety chains need to be used. The correct way to attach your safety chains is to cross one over the other underneath your trailer coupler. Crisscrossing them in this way will provide an additional safety measure in the event that your trailer somehow becomes unattached from your vehicle while moving. The crossed safety chains will act as a cradle, catching the trailer coupler as it falls and keeping it from scraping along the ground while you stop.

Be prepared for any towing emergency with CURT. Our towing security products and accessories are made with your towing lifestyle in mind. When it comes to towing, never let safety go to the backburner. Hitch up right with CURT safety chains.

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