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Trailer Hitches

CURT Manufacturing focuses on being first-to-market with our new custom fit trailer hitch designs. CURT's high-quality powder coat finish is applied after sending welded hitches through multiple stages, including a shot blast, wash and preparation system creating a smooth, clean surface. Each trailer hitch is also dipped in liquid A-coat before it receives the powder coat finish. The two coatings cure together in the finishing oven providing the most rust and chip resistant hitch available.

It's extremely important to us that when you are looking for a trailer hitch, CURT is the best option. Additionally, we want to ensure that you are very happy with your hitch for years to come. That's why CURT trailer hitches undergo a stringent production, design, and testing process. We are so confident in the quality of our trailer hitches that we back them up with a limited lifetime warranty and a one year finish warranty.



Advantages of CURT trailer hitches: 


Back end of receiver is open for easy cleaning


Precision robotic welding for superior strength and fit

  Industry-leading safety and performance testing.

CURT manufactures over 1,000 different trailer hitches to meet every towing need. In the graphic below, we have provided information to help you understand the different weight ratings and vehicle types for the trailer hitches we offer.

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Class 1-2 Trailer Hitches
Class 1 & 2 Trailer Hitch
Class 1 trailer hitches have an 1 1/4 IN  receiver tube and a maximum Gross Trailer Weight Rating of 2,000 lbs. Class 1 trailer hitches are typically found on Small to mid-size cars. Class 2 hitches also have 1 1/4 IN receiver tube with a GTW of 3500 lbs. Class 2 hitches can be found on vehicles from compact cars to small SUVs.

Class 3 Trailer Hitches
Class 3 Trailer Hitch
Class 3 trailer hitches have a 2 IN receiver tube with a maximum gross trailer weight rating of 8,000 lbs. Class 3 hitches are the most common trailer hitches found on vehicles today. They have applications on everything from full size sedans to full size pickups. These are perfect for handling the family pop-up camper or boat to that weekend getaway.

Class 4 Trailer Hitches
Class 4 Trailer Hitch
Class 4 trailer hitches also have a 2 IN receiver tube with a maximum gross trailer weight of 12,000 lbs. Class 4 hitches are perfect for those who need to tow larger trailers such as heavy construction equipment and large campers.


Xtra Duty & Commercial Duty Trailer Hitches
Xtra Duty Trailer Hitch

When a 6 ton gross trailer weight rating isn’t enough for your full size pick up. CURT offers the Class 5 trailer hitch line.  The Class 5 hitch line is broken into two subcategories; the Xtra Duty series, and the Commercial Duty series. Xtra Duty trailer hitches have a 2 IN receiver tube with a maximum gross trailer weight of 17,000 lbs., and finally our Commercial Duty series hitches have a 2 1/2 IN receiver tube with maximum gross trailer weight of a whopping 20,000 lbs. All CURT Class 5 trailer hitches come with a rugged scratch and fade resistant carbide finish, while CURT Class 1-4 hitches are coated in an attractive high gloss black finish.


Front Mount Trailer Hitch
Front Mount Trailer Hitch
For certain applications, having a trailer hitch receiver at the front of your vehicle may be convenient. For example, a front-mounted hitch allows you to easily use a boat ramp by maintaining close control of your trailer. Front mount hitches may be of any class, and are easily installed on most full-size pickup trucks, vans and SUVs.

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