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On a Recent Camping Trip up to Lake Superior

On a recent camping trip up to Lake Superior, my brothers and I had a chance meeting with a distant relative. We had driven into Duluth, MN on our way up the shoreline to Two Harbors where my great grandpa had worked on the railroad, hauling iron ore from the mines out to the barges. As we came into town, my older brother, realizing the familiar location, suggested a minor detour from our c... Read More

Best Places in America to Go Fall Camping

When it comes to camping in the fall, it seems like no two people can agree. The opinions on which place is the absolute best are about as diverse as the colors of the changing leaves. If there’s one region, though, that dominates the polls, I think it’s probably the east coast. The rolling hills, winding channels of water and plethora of deciduous trees are enough to satisfy an... Read More

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