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Grouse Hunting: A Different Sport from Deer Hunting

It’s hard to believe the hunting season is upon us yet again. Sure, there’s a spring turkey season and a few small game seasons that are open all year round, but here in Wisconsin, hunting really begins in the fall.

Growing up, I was taught deer hunting with a rifle. Almost every year my dad would bring my brothers and me out gun hunting, and as a kid, I remember bein... Read More

Small Game, Big Triump... or Maybe Not

As you may or may not be aware, the small game hunting season has begun in Wisconsin. Talk all you want about the glitz and glamour of hunting larger game like deer, elk, moose, bear (the list goes on); small game hunting has a flavor to it unlike any other. In light of the season kickoff a few weeks ago, I and Chris Cowan, our hunting lifestyle champion here at CURT, set out into the woods... Read More

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